Enjoying new activities and new friendships: a peek at our Tikvah program

Shalom! It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through the summer. Here at camp, it has been a joy watching our Tikvah inclusion program in full swing. We have campers in every edah (division) participating fully in their camp days. Camp is all about relationship building, including life-long friendships. It has been so wonderful to see the formation and strengthening of new and old friendships with each passing day.


Tikvah is all about providing support while encouraging chanichim (campers) to try new things. Over the past four weeks, Tikvah campers have participated in a wide range chugim (electives). From front kicks and bows in martial arts to helping teach partner dances in rikud (dance) to harnessing up and reaching new heights on our climbing tower, Har Ramah, our Tikvah campers are having a blast exploring all that camp has to offer!

We talk a lot about inclusion, and more specifically meaningful inclusion. During the day when I see two campers holding hands, or engaging in conversation, or even just walking by with a smile on their face, I get to see meaningful inclusion in practice.  I look forward to watching friendships grow and the fun continue during the last few weeks of camp!

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