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We are looking for special people to become part of our Ramah DC family. Working at Ramah is not just a job. It is an experience that develops skills in communication, problem-solving, program development, and more.  Check out our “Find Your Why” video to learn more about the benefits of working at camp from some of our awesome 2022 summer team.

*New at RDC*

We have INCREASED counselor salaries across the board and restructured counselor positions to further define our leadership ladder. Check out the descriptions below to think about which role may be the best fit for you.  (In addition to salaries listed below, returning staff will receive our returning bonus of $50).

Counselor Positions

  • Madrich/a, $1610/summer
  • Menahel/et, $3000/summer

Click here to read the madrich/a and menahel/et job descriptions.

Other Open Positions

Applications are also being accepted for the following positions. Each role contains the minimum age to apply and summer salary.  Some job titles also have a click-through to a job description. (In addition to salaries listed below, returning staff in these categories will receive our returning bonus of $100).

Ramah Day Camp Greater DC offers generous camper tuition discounts for staff at both our day and overnight camps.

        • Archery Instructor (training included), 18+, $3000/summer
        • Climbing Wall Specialist, 18+, $3000/summer
        • Cooking (Bishul) Specialist, 18+, $3000/summer
        • Division Head (Rosh Edah), 21+, $4000/summer  (click here for a job description)
        • Educator, 21+, $2450-3000/summer depending on part-time or full-time status
        • Gardening Specialist, 18+, $3000/summer
        • Israeli & Modern Dance Instructor, 18+, $3000/summer
        • Judaics Head (Rosh Yahadut), 22+, $3500/summer
        • Nature (Teva) Specialist, 18+, $3000-3500/summer
        • Nurse, must be an EMT, CNA, or RN, $7000/summer (click here for a job description)
        • Parent Liaison (Yoetz/et), 25+, $4000/summer  (click here for a job description)
        • STEM (Mada) Specialist, 18+, $3500/summer
        • Swim Coordinator (Rosh Breicha), 18+, $2450-3000/summer depending on part-time or full-time status
        • Transportation Coordinator, 18+, $3500/summer

Start your application now:

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Want to earn even more MONEY??? Refer a friend and receive $50 for anyone who is accepted and works the entirety of their contract. Make sure you email Rabbi Jill to tell her who you referred — and have them list you on their application as well.

Camp IS a “real job”

Many wonderful articles have been written that emphasize the importance and value of summers spent working at camp.

In this article, a strategic communications professionals describes how a summer working at camp is the best management training program he has ever seen.
From the article:

If employers are smart, they’ll soon recognize that veteran counselors of summer camp are capable of doing far more than leading campfire sing-downs or calming a homesick child (though, to be sure, those skills are pretty important in life). These are work-ready young adults who have been entrusted with far more responsibility than they’re often given credit; you’d be wise to hire one (as I have recently).

This is a great article on Why You Should Be a Camp Counselor (Instead of an Intern)!
From the article:

For the second year in a row, I worked at a sleep-away camp that I attended as a kid. For nine weeks, I was in charge of someone’s child. I held the most terrifying amount of responsibility in my hands—caring for the most precious thing in people’s lives. I’m always terrified of it, yet every summer, I find myself going back to this magical place that is camp. I get the same disappointed and unenthused look every summer from people—how could I possibly be working at a summer camp when I could be looking for an internship at an awesome magazine and pursuing what I want to do with my life? Well the truth is folks, there’s no better way to spend the summer… Rather than fetch someone coffee, I learned more about myself than I would have if I worked in an office. When you’re an intern, you want to impress the head honchos above you, and are so nervous about making a fool of yourself. As a camp counselor, I dance around my cabin in my snapback, staff shirt, knee high socks, and Birkenstocks, and just be. Of course my campers make fun of me, yet they looked up to me in awe at how I didn’t care how weird I was and how goofy I looked. In all honestly, I was amazed too. Camp brings out the best version of you.

Click here to read how Jewish Summer Camp Strengthens Resume and Character.
From the article:

It turns out that Jewish summer camp is actually a great place for teens to gain experiences and skills that will ultimately make them not only more attractive candidates for college and employment, but also better equipped to face so many of life’s major challenges. Teens are discovering that if they follow their hearts back to camp summer after summer (initially as older campers and then as counselors), they’re not just returning to a place of emotional safety and social comfort. They’re also putting themselves in the best position to become successful, committed young Jewish adults.

Ready to join us? To apply:

  1. New staff applicants must fill out a staff application by clicking the “Apply Now” button below.  Returning staff should click on the “Returning Staff Form” button below.
  2. New staff applicants: Please request three (3) written references from non-family members.  Your references will automatically receive an email with a link to the recommendation form when you complete your staff application. If they do not receive the email or you have any questions about references, please contact Lisa ZelermyerReturning staff do not need additional letters of recommendation.
  3. Questions? Contact Rabbi Jill Levy, Camp Director, via email or at (301) 658-2111.

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