How do I apply to work at Ramah Day Camp of Greater Washington?

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Montgomery County law dictates that Ramah Day Camp staff must receive three written references to work at Ramah Day Camp. You may print three copies of the above reference form, OR you may ask your references to write you a letter of recommendation. Either is fine- the above reference form is an aide- you are not required to use it!

We understand that gathering three references can be time-consuming. You may return the staff application form to us, and send the references separately at a later date.

Is there a deadline to apply for a position at Ramah Day Camp?

No. Staff applications are accepted and processed on a rolling basis. We encourage you to apply early to secure your spot on our staff!

What kinds of jobs are available at Ramah Day Camp?

The majority of our staff members work as counselors. However there are several different types of openings available at camp. We are always looking for passionate specialist in the arts, music, dance, sports, outdoor education, etc. Also, we are always looking to broaden our camp offerings. Let us know if you have teaching experience, or other skills that would be valued by the camp community.

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Are there any required staff activities?

Our counselors participate in staff training a week prior to camp opening and once a week on Tuesday nights during the session. Join us for dinner and staff training and planning! Staff are also required to join us for an open house the day before camp begins.

How do I get to camp?

Some staff serve as bus counselors, riding from a convenient stop to supervise our campers on the bus. Our bus counselors LOVE this daily road trip with their campers! Buses leave from centralized locations in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Alternatively, some staff may choose to drive to and from camp, located in Germantown just off I-270.

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