A Summer of Brachot by Abby Kerbel

This summer our theme was brachot, or blessings.  We learned about different brachot of thanks (The morning blessings, food, time), of praise (selections from the Amida, nature) and in our last week we discussed how people can both be a blessing through our actions, and wish blessings of good things for others.  As we say l’hitraot, see you later, to our Ramah DC Day Camp community from this summer, we hope that the values your hanichim (campers) experienced this summer in Yahadut (Judaics) and throughout their time at camp will help them to be a blessing to those around them.  And may we all be blessed with a happy, healthy new year.


We learned about the building blocks of brachot.



We created our own prayers and learned to express prayers in our own ways.




















We found many things around camp we are grateful for!

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