Afilu Hen (Even These) #YetzirahBeRamah

Afilu hen bihlal briyato” (Even these G-d meant to create)

– Genesis Rabbah 10:7

This week at Mahaneh Ramah the hanihim (campers) explored the idea that G-d created everything for a reason. After playing several games to activate our thinking, each hanih (camper) went on a scavenger hunt through camp, looking for things G-d created for a specific purpose, such as something G-d created that would provide shade or a place to rest.


Nitzanim created their own scavenger hunt and traded with their friends. They also created one to share with you – post your answers and let us know what you think!

Each eidah (age group) also discussed how seeing something that either G-d created or we created in partnership with G-d can make us feel. We read two stories that explained how Adam and Eve might have felt the first night in the Garden of Eden. We used Adam and Eve’s fear of the darkness and discovery that G-d created night for a reason as a jumping off point for our conversations. In Shorashim, each hanih shared something G-d created that made them sad and something that made them happy during a turn and talk. We practiced acting out our sad and happy feelings.

Using the thinking routing Feel-Think-Rise, the hanihim (campers) in Garinim and Nitzanim wrote and illustrated their fears as well as how they can overcome them. Check out the thinking routine and some of the thoughtful responses below!