All About Nitzanim

Shabbat Shalom from Nitzanim!

Nitzanim had an incredible first session of camp. We had a wonderful time meeting everyone and making new friends.
This year, our edah’s focus is on community. We played multiple team-building games and participated in programs with an underlying theme of community. We talked about superheroes and how our weaknesses can also become strengths.  To illustrate that point we read “The Tale of the Broken Pot” about a pot that feels bad for being broken, but ultimately creates a line of beautiful flowers with its leaking water.  We then developed our own superheroes based on weaknesses turned into strengths.
On Friday, we partnered up and spent time doing “Shabbuddies” where each pair worked through a set of questions.  It was a great chance to get to know someone new at camp!
As we roll into next session, we are looking forward to even more chances to build community and new friendships in our awesome edah!

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