Anafim learns about Birkot HaShachar during Tefillah!

Today during Tefillah, Anafim learned all about Birkot HaShachar, the prayer we say each morning giving thanks to God. We split up into kvutzot (groups) and rotated through different activities to learn about a few of the blessings. After each activity the kvutzah practiced the words of the blessings together.

For the blessing “sh’asani Yisrael,” which thanks God for making us Jewish, our hanichim learned about talit and tefillin, and why we wear them when we pray. Hanichim had the chance to try them on as well!

For “sh’asani ben/bat chorin,” the blessing which thanks God for making us born free, hanichim made a human knot and worked together to free themselves into a circle!

For the blessing “pokeach ivrim” which thanks God for giving us sight, hanichim got in pairs and took turns leading their partner while his or her eyes were closed. They then discussed how that felt, and why we thank God for our sight each day.

We learned a lot and are very excited to say Birkot HaShachar together tomorrow morning!

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