Anafim/Shorashim End of Session Circus!

Today I had the pleasure of watching the Anafim/Shorashim end of session circus! The show was put on by the members of the Circus Arts chug. They have spent the last two weeks perfecting their circus skills during chug. The show consisted of four acts: the Plate Spinners, the Balloon Keeper Uppers, the Jugglers, and the Balloon Animal Makers!

Throughout their time in Circus Arts chug, hanichim learned how to spin plates, keep balloons up, juggle, and make balloon animals. Each hanich/a got to choose their favorite circus skill to perform at the end of session circus.

Circus Arts chug is run by Garinim madricha Alexa, who learned the art of circus from her grandfather in addition to spending summers at circus camp! Our hanichim love this chug and we can’t wait to see what they do next session!

You can watch the whole performance here:

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