Anyone Can Make a Difference #YetzirahBeRamah

This week in Yahadut the hanichim explored the difference between the Hebrew word “Mitzvah,” meaning commandment, and the Yiddish word “mitzvah,” meaning a good deed. We learned that because we are created betzelem elohim (in God’s image) we have a responsibility to make the world a better place. After reading the phrase “lo aleicha ham’lacha ligmor” (it is not up to you to finish the work), the campers shared their belief that we can never do enough to help people and take care of the world. In all three eidot, the hanichim recognized each other for doing mitzvahs. Each hanich shared a way they each made a difference, no matter how small, to someone or something and wrote it on their handprint to symbolize that they have the power to affect positive change.


The hanichim at Machaneh Ramah are making the world a better place in many ways, some of which include picking up trash, helping their parent(s) empty the dishwasher, taking care of animals, making friends, planting trees, cleaning up at camp, giving tzedakah (money, clothing, and food), and helping people with their feelings.