Betzelem Elohim #YetzirahBeRamah

This week in Yahadut we focused on what it means to be created betzelem elokim (in the image of God). Through many activities including meditation, reading stories, acting, active games such as HaRu’ach Noshevet (the North Wind Blows) and more, the hanichim shared their own ideas and listened to each other’s thoughts. Here are some of the insightful comments made in all three eidot about what it means to be created betzelem elohim (in the image of God).

“Being betzelem elohim means that we are all good at different things but that doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone else.”

“We’re made in God’s image. Like God, we should be kind.”

“We’re made in God’s creation. We can add to it.”

“We have the ability to think and all have different voices.”

“We all have a unique neshama (soul) and all neshamas (souls) have equal value.”

“Even though where you live, where your family is from, your religion, your skin color, your finger prints, and your language is different, everyone is loved equally.”

“We are all the same on the inside – we have the same organs and bones – even if we are different on the outside.”

“Different things make us special. Hashem gave us all a talent.”

“Be happy with who you are and what you have.”