The Bible Players at Ramah Day Camp!

On Thursday, we were lucky enough to have the Bible Players, an interactive, educational Torah comedy group, with us at camp all day! We started the morning with camp-wide tefilah where the Bible Players performed a skit about chesed (kindness) and kavod (respect). Every edah had the opportunity to spend time with the Bible Players and learn some new fun improv games based on kavod, our theme of the day. One of the games we played was called Todah Rabah (thank you), where we practiced our listening skills as we thanked our friends for giving us a present, that we came up with using our imaginations. We then listened to our friends explain why they got us those presents. Some of the presents we received included unicorns, puppies, cake, a basketball and a high five! We had such a fun time learning and being silly with the Bible Players in the morning!

In the afternoon, the Bible Players visited our drama chug where we performed “Mitzvah Moments,” a 30 second skit on mitzvot of our choosing. In this activity, we learned how simple and fun it can be to go out of our way to do mitzvot for our friends and community! Click here to watch a video of a Mitzvah Moment.

In the evening, we had our first family night of the summer where Ramah Day Camp families had a picnic and everyone enjoyed a performance by the Bible Players. It was a great evening!

Check out our facebook page for photos and videos of our fun day with the Bible Players.

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