Bringing S.T.E.M. to Ramah

Today, as part of our Yom Meyuchad, our wonderful partners at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School brought five members of their S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) team to Ramah Day Camp. Our hanichim participated in various S.T.E.M activities in order to expand their thinking on creative solutions and utilizing their resources. They went to multiple stations to experience every aspect of S.T.E.M. They began by building miniature rafts out of toothpicks, foam, and foil and then tested their rafts by putting plastic animals into them to see if their rafts would float. They continued on their S.T.E.M journey, swinging a pendulum affixed with a paint bottle to observe the pattern the paint makes as it swings. The hanichim then used straws and strings dipped in soapy water to make big bubbles blown by the wind. Some of our oldest hanichim had the opportunity to experience some more advanced S.T.E.M activities such as building stable balloon towers using balloons, tape, and string. They also got to decorate their own empty soda bottles and then launch them using an air pump and water. Thank you so much to JDS for teaching our hanichim about S.T.E.M!