Chug Spotlight

At Camp Ramah, our hanichim have the opportunity to participate in a variety of chuggim (electives) that range from sports, to omanut (arts and crafts), to some unique chuggim like architecture and design and circus arts! We are excited to highlight a few of the 25 chuggim we offer. Today’s chug spotlight features architecture and design, tae kwon doe, circus arts, and soccer.

Architecture and Design: In architecture and design, the hanichim learn about what makes structures stable through hands on activities and games. The hanichim also get to design their own products that they create out of recycled materials and present their products.

Tae kwon doe: In tae kwon doe, the hanichim learn self-defense techniques while having fun!

Circus Arts: In circus arts, hanichim create balloon animals and art, and learn to juggle!

Soccer: In soccer, our hanichim practice skills such as dribbling and passing, and apply those skills in a scrimmage!

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