Final Omanut Update of 2019

Beach Crafts:  Heading toward the beach after camp?  We’ll be all set with underwater scenes (oil pastel, watercolor, sand, and shells), sand art, beach umbrellas, shell art, and awesome beach hats.

Mixed Media: Campers explored their creativity using different types of art materials including acrylic paints, ink prints, scratch art, and model magic.

String Theory: We learned how to make a square knot using knotting cords in order to make macramé bracelets.  We also made friendship bracelets with colorful embroidery string.  Of course, one of the most requested activities for the summer was gimp, which many campers and counselors learned how to do this summer.

Yetzira:  This week, campers made Hamsas out of Shrinky Dinks. These are meant to bring good luck for the coming year.

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