Gardening and Composting at Camp Ramah!

At Machane Ramah, our hanichim have the opportunity to learn about gardening and teva (nature), in our very own garden! The hanichim have been exploring the garden, learning about farming and gardening systems and even went on a wild scavenger hunt around the garden searching for certain plants.

For the first time ever at camp, we have started composting any food that comes from the earth! On our first day of composting, we collected 5 liters of food scraps that we recycled and gave back to our garden to help more plants grow. The next day, during chug, we began to build Machane Ramah’s first official compost system. This bin was constructed out of recycled materials, and was built using power tools to make sure our system is sturdy enough. We have had so much fun learning about gardening and how we can give back to the earth by doing something as small as composting our food!

Things we can compost: fruits, vegetables and napkins.


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