Har Ramah: Reaching New Heights

The newest addition to camp this summer is our climbing tower – Har Ramah.  Popular among both our youngest and oldest chanichim (campers), there is a challenge for everyone!  All of our chanichim have the opportunity to try Har Ramah during z’man migvan (group time) or specialize in climbing for a week in the Har Ramah chug (elective).


Getting to the top of Har Ramah is the ultimate goal for many chanichim, but the true pleasure is watching all of the chanichim show tremendous determination.  Many who can barely make it up the first section, or have a fear of heights, are making it to the top on their second or third attempt.  They are learning coordination, building physical and mental strength, and conquering fears.

You can hear the chants and cheers before even getting near the climbing area.  The tap of the buzzer at the top of the wall can be heard around camp, spreading tremendous joy knowing a fellow camper has succeeded!  Chanichim and madrichim (counselors) are always eager to cheer on their fellow climbers.  “You can do it!” “You did such a great job.” The chants are always positive, no matter how far an individual climbs.

Developing self-confidence and supporting teammates are always on full display at Har Ramah!

The climbing tower was generously supported by dozens of members of our camp community. A matching grant program was made possible by JCamp 180®, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. A lead gift was provided by Nan and David Bender. Todah Rabbah!

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