Hinei Ma Tov

Have you ever heard the song “Hinei ma tov”? This song from Psalms brings a level of intention to the act of coming together as a community and as the greater Jewish family. In Yahadut, we used this song as a jumping off point for our summer long study of community, diversity, and inclusion. The hanichim explored this verse and created their own definitions, thinking about what the words mean to them. They worked together, participating in races, creating artwork, singing, and discussing diversity in the Jewish community. 

What does the verse “Hinei ma tov umanayim, shevet achim gam yachad mean?

“Being together as a community is amazing, joyful, and spectacular!”

“What is nice and great? Having fun with everyone!”

“Here at Ramah we come together as a community where we do exciting and fun activities.”

“Sitting with your family is very nice.”

“We are a community and it is good to have everyone together.”

“What is a good thing to do? Being nice to other people, sharing. Giving food to those who need. Being comfy. Being fine. Be a community.”

“Hello! What is great? What is kind? Being a helpful and a caring community.”

“We are a family, one big group. We have the same imahot (foremothers) and avot (forefathers).”

“A community working together, here, is what is good and nice.”

“What is good and what is nice here? Everyone together and including everyone.”

“Here is what is good and nice, siblings sitting together.”

“Yes! What is graceful and pleasant? A community that celebrates together!”