Exploring Our Summer Theme in Yahadut by Abby Kerbel

Our theme for this summer is Ahavat Ha’adama – love of the earth! In Yahadut (Jewish learning), we will get the opportunity to explore Jewish values as part of our relationship with nature, from cultivating awe and appreciation for the wonders of creation, to our roles as active partners with God in taking care of the earth, to exploring how nature is a part of who we are and everything we do.


This year is also a shmita (sabbatical) year for the land, and while this primarily applies only in the land of Israel, we will get the chance to draw lessons from its implementation at camp as well.  We are privileged to run camp in a place where we have a direct connection to nature every day.  All of camp will be our “classroom” for true experiential learning, from the gan (garden), to the ya’ar (forest), to the migrash (field) and more!  We can’t wait to learn and grow together!