Numerous Names #OMGbRamahDC

“The One with Many Names” is just one of the numerous names that God is called. The hanichim (campers) brainstormed names of God by exploring texts, playing Scattegories, reading stories, jumping in hula hoops, and drawing. In Garinim and Nitzanim, they created collages for six of God’s names out of images that spoke to them.


Using post-it notes, each child responded to at least two of the images. They respectfully agreed or disagreed with their peers or wrote why they felt connected to the image on the poster. In the picture below, they are reflecting on the name “HaKadosh Baruch Hu” (the Holy One) while in the picture at the top of the page, they are reflecting on the name “Schinah” (the Part God that Lives Within Us).

In all of the eidot, the hanichim (campers) thought about when to use each of God’s many names. They chose the name of God that would be the best fit in sentences such as: “___, I’m feeling sad, can you help me feel better?” or “___, can you send rain tomorrow?” and shared their thinking.