Sha’ar Update Week 1

Sha’ar is a national project of Ramah Day Camps, providing an immersive Hebrew language experience for our hanichim (campers). We have 55 hanichim in our Sha’ar program this year; one kvutzah (group) per edah (grade unit), staffed exclusively by Israeli staff.  Six of our staff are exclusively here for the summer, two who worked this past year in the Sela Hebrew Language Charter School and four are longer term residents of the DC area.

This week we started with a bit of Hebrew boot camp, trying to model, demonstrate and use those words that are necessary for life at machaneh (camp). Verbs like to sit, stand, walk, stop, jump, drink, lasim krem haganah (apply sunscreen). We speak, pantomime and demonstrate these actions, by a formula we learned in our training, I do, we do, you do. We know the “you do” part takes some time.

Among the many highlights of the week, Nitzanim Dvash composed and choreographed a kvutzah song, and in Garinim and Nitzanim we were able to introduce the educational theme for the summer, Brachot (blessings) and discussed the Hebrew language culture that a bracha is not just a ritual formula but also a word used for wishing someone happiness or well-being.

Tov Lanu B’Machaneh Ramah (We’re having a great time at Ramah Day Camp)!

Meet our Rosh Sha’ar: Hi, I’m Steve Kerbel and this is my rookie season at Ramah Day Camp.  I’m most excited to be working in person with hanichim (campers) and Tzevet (staff) after a year of teaching kids and adults online. My favorite bracha (blessing) is from the weekday Amidah, Melech Ohaiv Tzedakh u’Mishpat – we all need just and kind advisors.

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