Spotlight on Teva (Nature)

Teva (nature) is at the root of the Ramah Day Camp experience.  One of the many benefits of our camp location in Germantown, MD is Wellspring’s 200 acres of wooded property.  In our teva program, led by Sam Rubin, hanichim (campers) have the opportunity to explore the natural wonders of camp through the garden, nature walks, outdoor bishul (cooking), and medurot (campfires).

Here are some highlights from teva this kayitz (summer):







We learn by doing.  Hanichim have been busy planting, watering and weeding.







Our oldest edah (age unit) learned how to safely start and maintain a fire.  Their beautiful medura (campfire) was used for roasting marshmallows and making flatbread.










Hanichim ate tomatoes off the vine, harvested radishes, and will have the opportunity to pickle them in the coming week.

This week, hanichim performed a mitzvah (good deed) by filling pots with seeds and soil to donate to the Hebrew Home.