The Joy of Inclusion

It is so hard to believe that the kayitz (summer) is over halfway done! These first four weeks have been filled with friendship, fun, and joy. The beginning of the kayitz is always spent familiarizing with routine and getting the lay of the land. As all of this happens, the magic of the “tikvah” (inclusion) program and the Jewish value of belonging is taking place silently in the background.

By offering a tikvah program that supports chanichim (campers) within their edah (age group), we create constant opportunities to practice inclusion. It is a wonderful thing for our chanichim who require tikvah support to spend their day alongside all their peers. Perhaps even more so, it is a powerful thing for campers not receiving tikvah support to spend the day with all of their peers.

Creating a space where everyone feels they belong falls on each and every one of us. While we support our chanichim in learning skills in communication and managing emotions, we are also teaching our chanichim to find joy and take pride in practicing patience and acceptance.