We began our summer in Yahadut (Judaic Studies) by exploring the meaning of the word Yetzirah (creation). Writing their thoughts on post-it notes, the hanichim (campers) in Garinim and Nitzanim finished the sentence “When I hear the word yetzirah, I think of ___.” Their ideas included imagination, creativity, G-d creating the world, collaboration, building with legos or other materials, art, music, and more.


All three age groups took a deeper dive into the Briyah (Creation story). After acting out the story of Creation, Shorashim worked in small groups to illustrate what G-d created on each day.


Garinim broke into small groups to creatively represent each day of Creation. While some groups wrote poems or short stories that incorporated facts about what G-d created on each day, others chose to mime or create a skit to depict their day.


Here is one of Garinim’s creation skits:

Check out more of Garinim’s skits here, here, and here.

In Nitzanim the hanichim (campers) read the text of the Briyah (Creation story) together. They then worked in hevruta (partner study) to look for textual clues that would signal when G-d finished creating one day and began the next.