Yom Bracha by Abby Kerbel

Our second Yom Meyuchad (special day) of the summer was Yom Bracha (Day of Blessing). We followed our regular schedule with z’man migvan (group time), Yahadut (Judaics), and swimming in the morning, and bechirot (activities) in the afternoon. What was special about Yom Bracha is that nearly every activity of the day, not just lunch and tefillot, had a bracha associated with it, in order to show us that there are blessings everywhere we look and for everything we do. There is a teaching in the Talmud that states that Jews should recite 100 blessings a day. Throughout the day hanichim (campers) counted their blessings in order to see if we could get to 100 blessings as an entire machaneh (camp)!  I’m happy to report we recited over 100 brachot!


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