On Wednesday, we were so lucky to have some faculty from CESJDS join Garinim and Nitzanim for STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) programming. The hanichim were able to choose from interactive stem-based activities such as:

Engineering Design with Lego Boats – build a boat with legos and see how many cars you can load on top before it sinks!

Educational details: Density and buoyancy are phenomena that students experience very early (does it sink or float?) but are not yet ready developmentally to understand its ratios and complexities until early middle school, making it a scalable concept. In this activity, students will combine a growing understanding of the role of mass in building and design, while they playfully attempt to sink lego boats.

Giant Spin Art – explore centrifugal forces by making a masterpiece on a giant spin art.  And can you spin a cup of water without spilling a drop!

Educational details: As things spin in circles, centrifugal force pushes outward. We can observe that force in paint with spin art and in swinging cups containing water. Presenting students with counter-intuitive experiences spurs curiosity and opens opportunities for discussion.

Time for Slime – How much slime is too much slime? Sticky slime or slimey slime

Educational details: Measuring is a key skill in all elementary science classes. The concept of volume (how much space things take up) is new to elementary students. In this activity, students will contemplate volume and develop measurement skills.

Water Rockets – BOOM! Build a water rocket and BLAST OFF!

Educational details: Rockets move by creating pressure in a closed environment and then directing that pressure on to something else to create a force that propels an object. By using the aqua pod, students can interact first hand with water and air pressurized rockets.

Check out some pictures from Yom STEM on our facebook page.

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