Zimkudiyah Reboot: Kavod La Teva

Zimkudiyah, our annual song and dance program, returned this year with a twist!  The musical production titled Kavod La Teva (Respect Nature) was written and directed by Naomi Gerstenblith, community member and founder of Curtain Up Creative.  Naomi and her team spent two weeks at camp rehearsing with our chanichim (campers).  Each number in the show highlighted our summer theme, Ahavat Ha’Adamah (love the earth).  The performance featured all of our session two chanichim!

Click on the links below to view the musical numbers:

Circle of the Wind (Etzim)

My Land of Israel (Shorashim and Anafim Sha’ar)

Honor the Sea (Garinim and Etzim Sha’ar)

Shomrei Chayot / Hakuna Matata (AnafimDevorim & Hatulim)

Tree Song (Shorashim)

Shabbat Light (Garinim)

Kan Noladitee – (Nitzanim, Etzim & Garinim Sha’ar)

Golden Boy/Teva – (AnafimGemalim & Nesherim)

Circle of Life (Nitzanim)