Play Ball: Sports Around Ramah

You can always count on seeing sports when you step onto the migrash (field) at camp.  Lots and lots of sports!  This kayitz (summer) was no exception! Thanks to the creativity of our Rosh Sport Bob Labovitz, our chanichim (campers) and tzevet (staff) were challenged with new and silly sports from around the world.  From z’man migvan (group time) to chugim (electives), there were always different sports to try throughout each week.


Among our new sports offering this kayitz were martial arts, cricket, rugby, street hockey, backwards baseball, speedball, and the Har Ramah climbing tower.  Har Ramah was more popular than we ever imagined – we quickly adopted #reachingnewheights as our summer moto.


Chanichim enjoyed day camp favorites like nukem, Philadelphia kickball, 9 Square, mini golf, lawn games, chetz v’keshet (archery), and Quidditch (played with pool noodles for broomsticks and counselors as the Golden Snitch).


We also had fun playing camp classics like soccer, softball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and basketball. There is no end to the teamwork, skill development, and smiles happening through sports at machaneh (camp)!


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