Our Donors


OCTOBER 1, 2022 – SEPTEMBER 30, 2023


Ahava Society $100,000 and up

Ahava Society $50,000 to $99,999
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
National Ramah Commission

Ahava Society $18,000 and $49,999
Lia Meisinger and Alexis Borisy
Carrie and Alan Chalup
Susan and Julius Eisen
Green Family Foundation
Tali and Stephen Kest
Marjorie and Lawrence Kravitz
Nancy and Fred Poses
Diane Lipson Schilit and Howard Schilit

Ahava Society $10,000 and $17,999
Anonymous (3)
Judy and Jonathan Chiel
Lori and Michael Gilman
The Goloboy Family
Lon and Hannah Jacobs
Neil Kuttner
Harry Leiser and The Leiser Family Foundation
Jennifer and Daniel Mendelson
New England Region Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs
Rabbi Tirza Schmelzer-Covel and Albert Schmelzer

Ahava Society $5,000 to $9,999
Devorah Adler
Beth Feffer
Lillian and Richard Gray
Dena Schulman-Green and Eric Green
Debbie Chirnomas and Michael Hurwitz
Nadine Evans and Rafi Kieval
Rona and Robert Kelner
Marcy Kimel and Adam Kramer
Phyllis and Jeffrey Lavine
Marcia and Alan Leifer
Stephen Saft
Abby and Jeffrey Scheer
Terry and Michael Schuster
Dorit Rabbani and Jason Shames
Paula and Andrew Shoyer
Dale and Alan Sorcher
Mindy and Jeffrey Sosland

Ahava Society $3,600 to $4,999
Michelle Brody and Hal Blumenfeld
Taffy and Claude Brodesser-Akner
Susan and Benjamin Gutmann
Sharon Waller and Al Hyman
The Kaplan Family
Heidi and Matthew Meyers
Stacy Barnett Mozer and Gary Mozer
Elizabeth Waksman and Darren Orbach
Sara Shapiro-Plevan and Rabbi William Plevan
Judy and Reuven Rohn
Hallie and Evan Werbel
Westchester Jewish Center, Westchester, NY

Ahava Society $1,800 to $3,599
Anonymous (3)
Monica and Gavin Abrams
Elisa Deener-Agus and Michael Agus
Heidi and Noam Arzt
Caron Gremont and Ken Baer
Barbara and Jordan Baker
Rhonda Parker and Steve Binney
B’nai Israel Sisterhood of Rockville, MD
Combined Jewish Philanthropies
The Conservative Synagogue Inc., Westport, CT
Ada Beth and Charles Cutler
Barbara and David Edelheit
Nancy Hardy and Joshua Farber
Karen and David Farbman
David Federowicz
Elana and Daniel Finn
Heather Diamond-Fisch and Eytan Fisch
Louise and Alan Fisch
Rita Appel and Jon Fraade
Pamela Gordon Furth and David Furth
Lois and Harvey Gelb
Tami and Rabbi Ed Gelb
Sharon Pohoryles and Jim Gelb
Jody and Robert Gelfand
Marcia and Scott Glickman
Susan and Robert Gold
Rabbi Sheryl Katzman and Rabbi Elliot Goldberg
Shera and David Golder
Elissa and Saul Goldfarb
Rachel Goldin Jinich and Henry Jinich
Barbara Goldstein
Howard Goldstein
Beth Kanter and Jeffrey Goodell
Janet and Richard Greenfield
Kim Kaplan-Gross and Michael Gross
Rabbi Greg Harris
The Jacoby Chiel Foundation Inc.
The Kahan Family Foundation
Marni Smith Katz and Stuart Katz
Havi and Rabbi Adam Kligfeld
Beri and Saul Kravitz
Belinda Krifcher Lehman and Adam Lehman
Aliza Yellin Lerner and Jon Lerner
Dina and Alan Lipschultz
Judy Wendkos Liss and Brian Liss
Sandi and Nathaniel Margolis
Beth Silverberg Marx and Daniel Marx
Jennifer Brown and Adam Medros
Adina and Sander Mendelson
Rhonda and Charles Mills
Herlene and Yaacov Nagler
Gayle and Steven Neufeld
North Shore Autism Circle, Inc.
Naomi Druy and Matt Nussbaum
David Offit
Ilana and Bradley Orelowitz
Sandra and Gerald Ostroff
Esther Rosenberg and Michael Ostroff
Daniel and Deborah Palestrant
Sarah Charles and Noah Phillips
Sharon and Daniel Prober
Anna and Mike Ravvin
Raytheon Technologies
Ari Rein
Arlene and Sanford Remz
Rebecca and Rabbi Jeremy Ruberg
Diane and Adam Safer
Deb Martin and Dan Shertzer
Sara and Gabe Solomon
Tova and Ken Sperber
Onir and Jeffrey Spiegel
Tovah Day and Moshe Spinowitz
Susan and Bradley Stillman
Larisa and Sean Trainor
Unibank for Savings
Brittanie and Dan Werbel
Lianne Pinchuk and Edward Wladis
Deborah and Wallace Zuckerman

Ahava Friend $1,000 to $1,799
Judith Shandling and Elie Abemayor
Kimberly and Steven Aftergood
Ares Management
Danya and Marc Berman
Beth El Temple of West Hartford, CT
Judith Beck and Richard Busis
Stacy and David Cohen
Amy Abramowitz and Ethan Corey
Leslie and Alan Crane
Johanna Rothman and Mark Druy
Laurie and Paul Gershkowitz
Noemi Schor and Mike Goldfarb
Deborah and Scott Goldstein
Felicia Goldring and Alejandro Guitelman
Navah and Rabbi Jules Harlow
Trudy and Howard Jacobson
Deborah and James Karesh
Melissa and Aaron Kass
Rachel Chiel Katz and David Katz
Steven Kravitz
Sharon and Alan Levy
Beth Byer and Fred Mermelstein
Susan and Robert Miller
Sandy and Hal Miller-Jacobs
Edward Pletman
George G. & Leah E. Posener Fund
Elizabeth and Robert Pressman
Rebecca Anhang Price and Matthew Price
Dorie and Jacob Ravick
Hyla Kaplan Rosenberg and David Rosenberg
Terry Newman and David Rubin
Lori Schuldiner Schor and Joshua Schor
Rabbi Anne Tucker
The Willcher Family

Ahava Friend $613 to $999
Jennifer and Daniel Blumenthal
Jennifer and Jason Brodsky
Dana Levy and Reiss Clauson-Wolf
Elizabeth and John Edelglass
Arthur Finkle
Amy and Yaniv Haddad
Naomi and Josh Katz
Rabbi Rena and Shalom Kieval
Kimmel Fund
Elissa and Philip Klapper
Ruth Malkin
William Planer
Whitney Connaughton and Aaron Pressman
Ronald Rabin
Laura and Daniel Ripin
Rabbi Michelle and Michael Robinson
Daniel Shainberg
Rena and Adam Shapiro
Eleanor Sherwin
Aliza Phillips-Stoll and Ira Stoll
Temple Israel, Norfolk, VA
Amy and Mark Wolf
Avi Zollman

Ahava Friend $180 to $612
Anonymous (5)
Adath Israel Congregation, Lawrenceville, NJ
Suzanne and William Adelman
Agudas Achim Congregation, Alexandria, VA
Barbara and Murray Akresh
Meryl and Rabbi Alan Alpert
Brenda Buchweitz Albert and Steven Albert
Tamar and Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz
Ina Elfant Asher and Louie Asher
Cantors Assembly
Dora and Neal Atterman
Laurie and Todd Auerbach
Anne Gelb and Dan Bagatell
Laura Elkayam and Rabbi Ezra Balser
Gail Shust and Joseph Batutis
Karen and Nathan Beraha
Jenny and Barry Berk
Rabbi Rachel Silverman and Josh Bob
Rabbi Ilana Garber and Adam Berkowitz
Beth Sholom Bnai Israel, Manchester, CT
Ruth and Philip Bieler
Stephanie and Harold Birn
Lynn and Wolf Blitzer
Lisa and Gideon Blumenthal
B’nai Torah Congregation, Boca Raton, FL
Amy and Steven Broder
Marian and Edward Bromberg
Deborah and Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer
Shira and Ross Broms
Harriet Friedman and Charles Bruce
Cari and Rabbi Mitchell Cohen
Elizabeth and Michael Cohen
Comcast Corporation
Jean Dahlben
Ariel Yellin Derringer and Steven Coby Derringer
Elisheva Dienstfrey
Michael Drobnis
Wandy and Lewis Druss
Susan and Lewis Edelheit
Bobbe and Ben Evans
Karen and Roben Farzad
Rena Gray Fein and Robert Fein
Millie and Alan Fell
Jane Fidler
Wendy and Noam Fischman
Meryl and Kevin Fishkind
Betty and Clifford Fishman
Debbie and Jonathan Forrest
Jane and Edward Foster
Gary Fountain
Anne Presser Franklin and Wayne Franklin
Miriam Cohen Franzen and Kurt Franzen
Harriet and Phillip Freidenreich
Amy Goldstein and Avi Friedman
Ashley and Elliot Friedman
Noreen and Michael Friedman
Tricia and Jason Friedman
Roz Garber Toledano
Samantha and Jeremy Garelick
Risa Gewurz
Naomi Reem and Ronen Gilat
Reena Glazer
Roberta Lieber and Mark Glucksman
Michael Gold
Judith and Joel Goldberg
Cheryl and Bruce Goldhirsch
Julia and Robert Goldsmith
Joanne and Ed Goldstein
Google Inc.
Sharon and Michael Goretsky
Pamela and Howard Gorin
Karen and Andrew Green
Lily Rabinoff-Goldman and Rabbi Hillel Greene
Anne and David Greenspoon
Shana and Max Greenwald
Shaena and Steven Grossman
Dory and Jonathan Heesch
Linda and Mel Holtzman
Katie and Jonathan Hyman
Robyn and David Isman
Bucky and Mindi Jacobson
Julie and Richard Jolles
Deborah and Mark Joseph
Candace and Robert Kahan
Sue and Ethan Kanter
Laura and Norman Kaplan
Robert Kaplan
Robin and Mark Kasowitz
Janet and Billy Kass
Leah Oko and Carl Katz
Rabbi Jan Kaufman
Carol and Joel Kaufman
Marcia and Rabbi Alvin Kaunfer
Lois and Marc Kemp
Jeanne and Joshua Kieval
Beth and Daniel Kluger
Evelyn and Marvin Koch
Amy Schwartz and Eric Koenig
Rabbi Claudia Kreiman and Rabbi Ebn Leader
Linda and Cantor Ed A. Kulp
Dana and Jason Kunzman
Rachel and Adam Kurland
Janaki Kuruppu
Debra Lacks
Shari and Stewart Lecker
Miriam Lefkowitz
Nancy Lefkowitz and Joel Alpert
Joanne Schindler and Rabbi Allan Lehmann
Carr Hornbuckle and Jack Leifer
Howard Levine and Eric Levine
Donna and Sydney Levine
Barbara and Stuart Levy
Fran Robins Liben and Rabbi Daniel Liben
Deborah and Rabbi Micah Liben
Miriam Lieff and Albert Goldberg Fund
Connie and Alan Liss
Sharon Schumack and Rabbi Michael Luckens
Rebecca and Adam Lurie
Paula and Albert Madansky
Margery and Robert Maidman
Sarah and Stephen Markowitz
Robert Schonberger and Amy Marx
Karen Meister
Naomi Yadin-Mendick and David Mendick
Sheila Yossem and Robert Mindel
Mary Forbes Singer and David Modest
Marilyn and William Monderer
Francine Moore
Gilah and Eric Moses
Alissa Neil
Sheryl and Todd Neufeld
Noam Neusner
Suzanne Neusner
Pamela and Robert Norton
Rachel and David Pemstein
Andrew Prince
Bonnie and Rafi Prober
Rachel and Daniel Rabin
Anita and Ken Rabinoff-Goldman
Elijah Ratner
Elena and Rabbi Joshua Ratner
Rebeka Oren Memorial Education Endowment
Sara and Brad Resnick
Jill Richmond
Barrie and Chuck Richter
Stephanie and Jonathan Ripps
Frieda and Bernard Robins
Nancy and Rabbi Jim Rosen
Barry and Linda Rosenberg
Lisa Rozen
Gabrielle Rubenstein
Adrienne and Rabbi Arthur Rulnick
Frances and Leon Sachs
Shera and Noah Sacks
Rabbi Susan Tendler and Ross Sadoff
Arden Levy and Anthony Sanchez
Diana Savit and Marvin Szymkowicz
Julie and Evan Schiff
Rachel and Lawrence Schonberger
Amy and Seth Schulman
Ann Schwartz and Greg Hager
Sam Shefsky Niv 23 and Family
Ingrid and Mark Sheiman
Malcolm Sherman
Rachel Kest and Rabbi Michael Silbert
Rabbi Jill Levy and Matthew Silverman
Sheila Silverman
Jeannie Sklar and Gary Singer
Karen Brier and Jared Skoff
Stephanie and David Smith
Myra Snowise Waynik and Dave Snowise
Robin Halsband and Jeremy Spector
Barbara Portnoy Spector and Leonard Spector
Wendy and Joel Spellun
Rachael Besser and Rabbi Rafi Spitzer
Linda and Bruce Stanger
Leigh Newman and Gary Starr
Amanda Ruppenthal Stein and Hazzan Jeremy Stein
Leslie and Randy Steinman
Claire Workman and Seth Stern
Orna and Geoffrey Stern
Temple Israel of Albany, NY
Abby Zanger and Roy Tishler
Jennifer and Brad Turner
Arline Udler
Hyla and Barry Vine
Danielle Miller Wagner and Joe Wagner
Deborah Wahl
Debbi Bohnen and Adam Wall
Laura and Vincent Wallace
Jocelyn and Jared Wasserman
Stacey and Adam Wayne
Yvonne and Mark Waynik
Judith and Rabbi David Weiner
Debra and Andrew Weiner
Rhonda Weingarten
Ivy and Josh Weingram
Madeline Gelfand and Jonathan Weinreich
Judy and Alan Weiss
Elaine and Mark Weitzman
Reva and Peter Winston
Sarah Willen and Sebastian Wogenstein
Carie Carter and Eden Wofsey
Tammy and Stephen Wrzesinski
Pamela Kesner and Gary Yellin
Zachs Family Foundation, Inc.
Ellen and Peter Zollman
Judith and Howard Zucker
Anna and Jason Zuckerman

In Kind Donations
We are grateful to these individuals who have contributed valuable goods and services:
The Edelglass Family
Mindy Goldstein and Noah Horowitz
GTC Rock Shop and Science Education Center

This list acknowledges all donors who contributed $180 or more October 1, 2022 – September 30, 2023.  To those not listed here, we sincerely thank you for your support!

Every effort was made to correctly list donors’ names. If your gift was omitted or was listed incorrectly, please email Mindy Goldstein.