Our Donors

Todah Rabbah to our 2020 Donors!

October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020
Donors to Emergency Campaign and Ramah L’Kulam Campaign

Ahava Society $100,000 and up
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Shari and Harold Levy

Ahava Society $50,000 to $99,999
Nan and David Bender
Susan and Julius Eisen
National Ramah Commission

Ahava Society $18,000 and up
Anonymous (4)
Carrie and Alan Chalup
Judy and Jonathan Chiel
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Lauren and Mark Goloboy
Green Family Foundation
Shelly Arkush Kassen and Michael Kassen
Neil Kuttner
Jennifer and Daniel Mendelson
Gayle and Steven Neufeld
Rabbi Suzanne and Andrew Offit
Nancy and Fred Poses
Diane Lipson Schilit and Howard Schilit
Dorit Rabbani and Jason Shames
Paula and Andrew Shoyer

Ahava Society $10,000 and $17,999
Judith Shandling and Elie Abemayor
Kimberly and Lawrence Berger
Jenny and Barry Berk
Nancy Hardy and Joshua Farber
Karen and David Farbman
Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Yashar Initiative, funded by The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
Rita Appel and Jon Fraade
Lori and Michael Gilman
Marcia and Scott Glickman
Sharon Waller and Al Hyman
Debbie Chirnomas and Michael Hurwitz
Rona and Robert Kelner
Nadine Evans and Rafi Kieval
Marcy Kimel and Adam Kramer
Phyllis and Jeffrey Lavine
Marcia and Alan Leifer
Aliza Yellin Lerner and Jon Lerner
Jessica and Ron Liebowitz
Jennifer Brown and Adam Medros
Adina and Sander Mendelson
Sara Shapiro-Plevan and Rabbi William Plevan
Arlene and Sanford Remz
Terry and Michael Schuster
Judith, Leonard and Larry Seltzer
Daphna and Scott Sher
Dale and Alan Singer
Mindy and Jeffrey Sosland
Susan and Bradley Stillman
Debbi Bohnen and Adam Wall
Jennifer and Stuart Zimmer

Ahava Society $5,000 to $9,999
Anonymous (2)
Laurie and Dan Aladjem
Heidi and Noam Arzt
Robyn and Jeremy Bash
Danya and Marc Berman
Michelle Brody and Hal Blumenfeld
Jen and Dan Blumenthal
Marci and Joram Borenstein
Lia Meisinger and Alexis Borisy
Jane Taubenfeld Cohen and David Cohen
Ada Beth and Chuck Cutler
Rachel Fish and Dave Cutler
Barbara and David Edelheit
Sharon Pohoryles and Jim Gelb
Jody and Robert Gelfand
Lisa and Peter Harris
Trudy and Howard Jacobson
Beth Kanter and Jeffrey Goodell
Leah Sugarman and Leonard Kardon
Tali and Stephen Kest
Eliana Lipsky and Chaim Kirby
Marjorie and Lawrence Kravitz
Belinda Krifcher Lehman and Adam Lehman
Sharon and Alan Levy
Judy Wendkos Liss and Brian Liss
Rachel Perla and Jeremy Marin
Rhonda and Charles Mills
Jessica and David Nemeth
New England Region Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs
Elizabeth Waksman and Darren Orbach
Rebecca Farber and Adam Pearlman
Libby and Louis Pohoryles
Anna and Mike Ravvin
Ellen and Daniel Rockmore
Jill and Jeremy Rider
Diane and Adam Safer
Stephen Saft
Abby and Jeffrey Scheer
Rabbi Tirza Covel and Albert Schmelzer
Aimee and Allen Segal
Elana Cohen and Steven Schwartz
Onir and Jeffrey Spiegel
Tovah Day and Moshe Spinowitz
Laura and Rich Traiger
Larisa and Daniel Trainor
Laura Blumenfeld and Baruch Weiss
Debra and Brad Weiss
Brittanie and Dan Werbel
Amy and Mark Wolf
Sam Zaremba
Deborah and Wallace Zuckerman

Ahava Society $1,800 to $4,999
Adas Israel Congregation, Washington, DC
Anonymous (9)
Elisa Deener-Agus and Michael Agus
Lindsay Adams and David Almassian
Tamar and Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz
Caron Gremont and Ken Baer
Barbara and Jordan Baker
Daphna Oren and David Bardash
Carolyn and Joel Bargmann
Gail Shust and Joseph Batutis
Ellen and Michael Berk
Emily and Adam Berman
Rhonda Parker and Steve Binney
Stacey and Jason Brauner
Deborah and Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer
Zachary Chalup
Jayne and Larry Charlamb
Shira Deener and David Chodirker
Jesse and Rebecca Cook-Dubin
Aliza and Michael Cooperman
Amy Abramowitz and Ethan Corey
Leslie and Alan Crane
Sara and Andrew Dauber
Lynn and Karl Dicker
Brian Distelburger
Cathy and Bert Distelburger
Susan and Joseph Ditkoff
Stephanie and Mark Eidelman
Jodi and Rabbi David Eligberg
Susan Schatten and Jonathan Epstein
Kimberly Stahlman and Jay Ezrielev
Beth Feffer
Lisa Ellern-Feldman and Seth Feldman
Edna Friedberg and Jason Fields
Elana and Daniel Finn
Amanda and Ross Firoved
Heather Diamond-Fisch and Eytan Fisch
Wendy and Noam Fischman
Mara Greengrass and Avi Fishman
Kerry and Theodore Folkman
Debbie and Jonathan Forrest
Emily and Daniel Friedman
Noreen and Michael Friedman
Pamela Gordon Furth and David Furth
Elyssa and Bryan Gaffin
Tami and Rabbi Edward Gelb
Lois and Harvey Gelb
Jodi and Charles Gendrich
Laurie and Paul Gershkowitz
Rachel and Craig Ginsburg
Susan and Robert Gold
Rabbi Sheryl Katzman and Rabbi Elliot Goldberg
Shera and David Golder
Elissa and Saul Goldfarb
Noemi Schor and Mike Goldfarb
Sarah and Jeffrey Goldhirsch
Sara and Benjamin Goldman
Karen and Andrew Green
Dena Schulman-Green and Eric Green
Shannon and Isaac Green
Linda and Kenneth Greenberg
Kim Kaplan-Gross and Michael Gross
Felicia Goldring and Alejandro Guitelman
Susan and Benjamin Gutmann
Rabbi Greg Harris
Neil Hyman
Julia Zuckerman and Joshua Jacobs
Elanit and Andrew Jakabovics
Rachel and Henry Jinich
The Kahan Family Foundation
Larry Kaplan and Family
Melissa and Aaron Kass
Leah Oko and Carl Katz
Naomi and Josh Katz
Marni Smith Katz and Stuart Katz
Elissa and Daniel Kestin
Helaine Denenberg and Jonathan Klawans
Amy Schwartz and Eric Koenig
Marina Feldman and Jorge Kotelanski
Beri and Saul Kravitz
Doreen and Andrew Kriegel
Rebecca and Brian Kurowski
Janaki Kuruppu
Catarina Bannier and Charles Lane
Jill and Martin Lebwohl
Ruth Malkin and Avinoam Lerner
Risa Weinstein and Jonathan Levine
Dina and Matt Levitt
Barbara and Gary Libbin
Deborah and Rabbi Micah Liben
Alison and David Lobron
Rachel Messinger and Brian MacDonald
Ariella Schwell and Roger Magnus
Sandi and Nathaniel Margolis
Jennifer Marinoff Rosenblum and Ian Marinoff
Beth Silverberg Marx and Daniel Marx
Naomi Yadin-Mendick and David Mendick
Marion and Abraham Menzin
Beth Byer and Fred Mermelstein
Heidi and Matthew Meyers
Sandy and Hal Miller-Jacobs
Benjamin Mills
Gilah and Eric Moses
Stacy Barnett Mozer and Gary Mozer
Robin Wiener and Roger Nehrer
Cyd and Mark Oppenheimer
Ilana and Bradley Orelowitz
Sandra and Gerald Ostroff
Susanne and Stacy Oshry
Esther Rosenberg and Michael Ostroff
Denise and Chuck Pascarelli
Lisa Povich and Brock Porter
Jessica and Daniel Poscover
Michele and Meyer Potashman
Rebecca Anhang Price and Matthew Price
Marcy and Alan Pressman
Elizabeth and Bob Pressman
Sharon and Daniel Prober
Ronald Rabin
Carole z”l and Bernard Rabinowitz
Leah Tulin and Seth Rappaport
Elena and Rabbi Joshua Ratner
Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation
Rabbi Michelle and Michael Robinson
Judy and Reuven Rohn
Sara Turken and B. J. Rosen
Rebecca Weiser and Ted Rosenbaum
Hyla Kaplan Rosenberg and David Rosenberg
Jennifer and Dan Rosenthal
Jennifer Zwilling and Jon Rosenwasser
Ilana and Ira Rothberg
Farrah and Barry Rubenstein
Rebecca and Rabbi Jeremy Ruberg
Terry Newman and David Rubin
Arden Levy and Anthony Sanchez
Gretchen and David Sanders
Jenna and Jonathan Schilit
Amy Marx and Robert Schonberger
Rena and Adam Shapiro
Julie Fisher and Ambassador Dan Shapiro
Deb Martin and Dan Shertzer
Karen Brier and Jared Skoff
Kevin and Cheryl Slane
Dale and Alan Sorcher
Nienke Grossman and Ezequiel Steiner
Nareeluck and Matthew Stephenson
Judith Hellerstein and Phillip Swagel
Tikvat Israel Congregation, Rockville, MD
Deborah Wahl
Dalia and Ari Wassner
Katherine Allen and David Weingart
Hallie Schefflin Werbel and Evan Werbel
Westchester Jewish Center, Mamaroneck, NY
Rachel Bergstein and Josh Wilkenfeld
Erin and Benjamin Willcher
Ellen and Scott Wittlin
Chana and Gary Zimmerman

Ahava Friend $1,000 to $1,799
Agudas Achim Congregation, Alexandria, VA
Anonymous (10)
Kimberly and Steven Aftergood
Adina and Max Barkinskiy
Stephanie and Harold Birn
Rabbi Ilana Garber and Adam Berkowitz
Sarah and Michael Blumenfeld
Sharon Parrott and Ari Blumenthal
Elena Balzac and Harvey Bock
Joyce and Michael Bohnen
Bogrim 2020
Nanci and Jim Bramson
Emily and Zach Briton
Georgianne and Jonathan Cohen
Elizabeth and Michael Cohen
Cari and Rabbi Mitchell Cohen
Lisa Popik Coll and Arieh Coll
Congregation Beth El, Fairfield, CT
Naomi Druy
Lisa and Alvin Dunn
Leigh and Stephen Eck
Anna and Michael Elfenbaum
Karen and Ariel Farkash
Rena Gray Fein and Robert Fein
Lucia and Joshua Filler
Rabbi Beth Naditch and Barry Freedman
Elise Friedland
Michele and Steve Friedman
Danna and David Gelles
Naomi Reem and Ronen Gilat
Jane and Lev Ginsburg
Monica and Lee Gold
Miri and Boris Goldman
Barbara and Stephen Goldstein
Jessamyn Berniker and Itai Grinberg
Nava and Rabbi Jules Harlow
Leslie and Randy Steinman
Sarah and Benjamin Hewson
Ruth and Stanley Hoffman
Elise and Robert Holtzman
Ilana Goldberg and Aaron Hopp
Rachel Decter and Neil Hyman
Lori and David Jacobs
Mindi and Bucky Jacobson
Rachel Strong and Michael Jacobson
Jacoby Chiel Foundation Inc.
Ali Sherman and Samuel Kadish
Deborah and James Karesh
Rachel Chiel Katz and David Katz
Elissa and Philip Klapper
Patti Lieberman and Jeff Knishkowy
Tamara Halle and Aron Krasnopoler
Hannah Zwiebel and Lev Nathaniel Kropsky
Amy and Carl Kruglak
Rachel and Adam Kurland
Rebecca and Matthew Lawlor
Samantha and Kevin Leahy
Sharon Levin and Rabbi David Lerner
Rabbi Miriam Midlarsky Lichtenfeld and Rabbi Ted Lichtenfeld
Rebecca and Michael Lieber
Rebecca and Adam Lurie
Caryn and Rabbi Mitchel Malkus
Max and Sara Kruzansky Jewish Communal Fund
Stephanie and Eliot Meadow
Irene Shoikhet and Joel Mendelson
Naomi and Seth Mirowitz
Miki and Ari Moskowitz
Elyse Wechterman and David Nerenberg
Stacy and Art Newman
Yvonne White and David Pincus
Andrea and Tal Plotkin
George G. and Leah E. Posener Fund
Meryl and Jeff Post
Denise Katz-Prober and Joshua Prober
Bonnie and Raphael Prober
Rachel and Daniel Rabin
Dorie and Jacob Ravick
Michelle Sternthal and Zeke Reich
Jodi and Rabbi Steven Rein
Elena and Jed Resnick
Brooke and Aaron Ringel
Stephanie and Jonathan Ripps
Rabbi Dana Saroken and Rafi Rone
Erika Dickstein and Todd Rosenberg
Jessica and Adam Roth
Alisa and Aaron Rulnick
Shera and Noah Sacks
Sharon and Rabbi Michael Safra
Dina and Aaron Saks
Adina and Stan Salomon
Eileen and Stephen Samuels
Zena and Henry Scates
Meredith and Jonathan Schlaifer
Margot Schwadron
Ann Schwartz
Rachel Kest and Rabbi Michael Silbert
Melissa and Ari Siskind
Dawn Weiss Smith and Joseph Smith
Rebecca and Eric Solovy
Lauren and Andrew Stefano
Rabbi David Steinhardt
Shira and Doron Stember
Jennifer Stern Granowitz and Danny Granowitz
Julie and John Sudenfield
Rabbi Annie Tucker
Stacey and Luis Viera
Rebecca and Greg Weiner
Pamela Kesner and Gary Yellin

Ahava Friend $613 to $999
Anonymous (10)
Tara Lystra Ackerman and Andrew Ackerman
Karen and Avi Alpert
Jessica and Eric Baim
Laura Elkayam and Rabbi Ezra Balser
Rebecca and James Berman
Judith Bernstein
Marcelle and Jonathan Blessing
Jennifer and Jason Brodsky
Aliza Levine and Eric Brown
Nancy Kriegel and Andrew Butler
Adam Chaikin
Strata Chalup
Stacy and David Cohen
Karen and Jeffrey Cohen
Jenny and Dan Cook
Debra and Andrew Cooper
Florence and Ethan Dmitrovsky
Ziona and Elie Doft
Rabbi Elizabeth Richman and Ben Dreyfus
Susan and Lewis Edelheit
Jaclyn Eskin and Arthur Finkle
Sharon and Allan Goldfarb
Howard Goldstein
Pamela and Rabbi Howard Gorin
Elizabeth and Daniel Handwerker
Karen and Mark Hasson
Shelley and Mark Hubal
Laura Beth Landy and Michael Israel
Eileen and Jon Kay
Beatrice Gurwitz and Daniel Kazhdan
Michelle Buzgon and Jay Kirschenbaum
Sarah-Kay and Matthew Lacks
Rona Lawn
Gabrielle and Ilan Layman
Anne Lipton
Rachel and James Loeffler
Karen Lowy and Daniel Jaffe
Abbey and Ari Meltzer
Carolyn  and Jesse Messitte
Rielle and Seth Miller Gabriel
Allison and Albert Moyal
Karen and Adam Myers
Miriam Feffer and Jeremy Nalewaik
Tamar and David Nicolson
Hannah and Erich Olson
Marian Alexander and Rabbi Daniel Ornstein
Jennifer Cohen and Ben Peck
Gabriella Rothman and Andrew Pessin
Shannon and William Powers
Allison and Adam Rosenberg
Adrienne and Rabbi Arthur Rulnick
Jennifer and Joel Schnur
Rabbi Rami Schwartzer
Rona Sheramy and Adam Segal
Nancy and Jeff Selig
Jennifer Shepherd
Shannon and Benjamin Simler
Ariella Kurshan and Leo Simonovich
Barbara and Leonard Spector
Tova and Ken Sperber
Rabbi Nicole Wilson-Spiro and Michael Spiro
Naomi Schorsch Stein and Steven Stein
Shira and Joseph Steinberg
Aliza Phillips-Stoll and Ira Stoll
Elizabeth Goldman Goldel and Randy Turkel Goldel
Allison and Daniel Turner
Risa and David Vine
Rachel Weinstein and Pepin Torres
Melanie and Lawrence Weisberg
Blake and Dennis Yedwab

Ahava Friend $180 to $612
Anonymous (50)
Gavin and Monica Abrams
Adath Israel Congregation, Lawrenceville, NJ
Susanna Chu and Ariel Adesnik
Lisa and Rabbi Ben Adler
Tamara Bonnett-Admi and Alon Admi
Marni and Ariel Ahram
Ingrid and Martin Ain
Brenda Buchweitz Albert and Steven Albert
Rabbi Penina Alexander and Rabbi Aaron Alexander
Adina and Daniel Alpert
Joy and Shaul Antar
Stacey and Ethan Apter
Carrie Berman and Ronald Apter
Janet and Alan Arnowitz
Jacqueline Arrowsmith
Mikki Ashin
Lori and Larry Bard
Donna and Jacob Bardin
Debbi and Andrew Barer
Erica and Matt Barron
Karen and Rabbi Samuel Barth
Leslie and Rabbi Laurence Bazer
Stephanie and Daniel Becker
Debbie and Russell Benblatt
Kathleen and Michael Ben-Shoaff
Natasha and Benjamin Berman
Jane Bernstein and Arie Dosoretz
Kristine Bialy-Viau
Merav and David Bibas
Andrea and Morgan Birkelbach
Deena Fox and Andrew Birnbaum
Lisa Lerer and Marc Bleyer
Lynn and Wolf Blitzer
Alisa Blum
Marissa Platner and Eliot Blum
Frances and Rabbi David Blumenfeld
B’nai Torah Congregation, Boca Raton, FL
Rabbi Rachel Silverman and Josh Bob
Amy Heller and Noah Borenstein
Sara and Guy Brenner
Ayala Bar-Eitan and Elkana Breton
Kira and Jules Bricker
Anne Seymour and Aaron Brickman
Taffy and Claude Brodesser-Akner
Ariella and Oren Brody
Marian and Edward Bromberg
Shira and Ross Broms
Harriet Friedman and Charles Bruce
Daniel Buonaiuto
Rachel Buonaiuto
Brenda and Gerald Canter
Aviva Cantor
Lauren Rose Carrasco and Hector Carrasco
Evelyn Chalup
Daniel, Vivian and Eytan Chill
Joan Churchill
Dana Levy and Reiss Clauson-Wolf
Mara and Dan Clement
Raena and Brad Close
Lisa and James Cohen
Jennifer Madan Cohen and Jeffrey Cohen
Karen and Jeffrey Cohen
Elizabeth and Michael Cohen
Olga Tomanovich and Richard Collier
Congregation Agudat Achim, Schenectady, NY
Congregation Knesset Israel, Pittsfield, MA
Eleanor Cooper
Blanche and Daniel Cotlear
Lara and Jaden Crawford
Susan and Bruce Creditor
Wendy and Ron Czik
Jean Dahlben
Meryl and Mitchell Danitz
Jamie and Izi Darsa
Jessica Yood Deener and Avi Deener
Ariel Yellin Derringer and Steven Derringer
Alizah Diamond
Florence and Ethan Dmitrovsky
Ellen and Rabbi Robert Dobrusin
Carol Ehrlich and John Doernberg
Stefanie and Howard Draisen
Amanda Ford and Craig Dreilinger
Jaqueline Drobnis and Rebecca Drobnis
Rabbi Aderet and Brett Drucker
Wandy and Lewis  Druss
Johanna Rothman and Mark Druy
Jennifer Luddy and Seth Dunn
Elizabeth and John Edelglass
Lauren and David Edelstein
Yael Nagler and Dan Ephraim
Ellen Chubin Epstein and David Epstein
Rotem Ad-Epsztein and Uri Epsztein
Adina Loeb and Jeffery Ernst
Christine and Sam Evans
Bobbe and Ben Evans
Leeran Factor
Fran Snowise and Nissim Fadida
Dina Fainman
Fair Lawn Jewish Center – Congregation Bnai Israel, Fair Lawn, NJ
Rachel and Peter Federowicz
Geraldine and David Feldman
Nechama and Michael Fellner
Karyn and Scott Ferber
Leah Bieler and Rabbi Ron Fish
Jane and John Fisher
Cherrie Daniels and Jeffrey Fistel
Karla Forest
Zoe Fox
Miriam Cohen Franzen and Kurt Franzen
Sara Kahn-Troster and David Freidenreich
Ilana Waynik and Jeremy Fried
Tricia and Jason Friedman
Naomi Friedman
Leslie and Richard Friedman
Elisha and Josh Frumkin
Hedieh and Eric Fusfield
Tamar Skowronski and Eric Ganezer
Gayle Schwartz and Larry Garber
Ellen Kramarow and Jared Garelick
Samantha and Jeremy Garelick
Doris Hamburg and Gerald Garfinkel
Isaac Gelb
Macie Gelb
Cheryl Gelfand
Madeline Gelfand
Lili and Alan Gersch
Liav Shapiro and Noam Gilboord
Carol Raphael Ginn and Edward Ginn
Liora Bram and Michael Gladstone
Rhoda and Todd Gladstone
Aliza and Ariel Glasner
Abigail and Charles Glassenberg
Reena Glazer
Hannah Glickman
Susan and Robert Gold
Amy Posner and Eric Goldberg
Diane and Israel Goldberg
Gony and Bill Goldberg
Traci and Eliot Goldberg
Judith and Joel Goldberg
Julie Farkas and Seth Goldman
Yona and Tzvi Goldman
Ora Warmflash and David Goldman
Julia Goldsmith
Deborah and Scott Goldstein
Miriam and Irwin Golob
Joan and Jason Goloboy
Ruth and Richard Gomolka
Will Gomolka
Debbie and Don Goodman
Judy Gooen
Michelle Silberstein and Stephen Goroff
Wilhelmina and Stefa Gottschalk
Robin and Gil Graff
Lily Rabinoff-Goldman and Hillel Greene
Dana Greenman
Lila and Bernard Greisman
Katie Schenk and Dov Grossman
Shaena and Steven Grossman
Deborah and Andrew Guillen
Aliza and Kobi Haas
Andrea Yaffe and Alan Halachmi
Shlomit Halachmi
Ben Hamburger
Faith and Adam Harrison
Sally and Dan Heckelman
Dory and Jonathan Heesch
Marla and Charles Hermanowski
Elana and Rabbi Amiel Hersh
Amital and Boaz Hermon
Allison and Joshua Hirschorn
Lauren and Ari Holtzblatt
Linda and Melvin Holtzman
Alexandra and Michael Horowitz
Mindy Goldstein and Noah Horowitz
Maya and Robert Hyman
Stacy Immerman
Robyn Isman
Abbey Frank and Rabbi Marc Israel
Bari Brown-Itscoitz and Samuel Itscoitz
Joni and Paul Jablansky
Allyson and Marc Jacob
Sara and Jonathan Jacobson
Stephanie and Daniel Jacoby
Danielle and Aaron Juda
Lindsay and Ryan Kagin
Emily and Ari Kahan
Kayla Greenberg and Eliav Kahan
Stacy and Jonathan Kamisar
Ruth Zakarin and Daniel Kane
Charles Kanter
Erica and Alan Kaplan
Heather and David Kaplin
Lilach and Omri Karo
Elizabeth Rosenberg and Jonathan Katz
Julie and Samuel Katz
Hagit Caspi and Ethan Katz
Elena Sokolow-Kaufman and Seth Kaufman
Arielle and Jason Kay
Leah Kelly
Marissa and Benjay Kempner
Allison and Seth Kessler
Rabbi Rena and Shalom Kieval
Danielle Lieberman and Jacob Kieval
Emily and David Kieval
Jeanne and Joshua Kieval
Elizabeth Kittrie
Orde Kittrie
Tamar and Jeffrey Klein
Beth and Daniel Kluger
Marci and Darren Klugman
Judy and Gerald Kobell
Evelyn and Marvin Koch
Phyllis Sussman and Zachary Konigsberg
Allison and Samuel Korman
Camille and Darrell Kotton
Nicole and Scott Kramer
Esther Kaleko-Kravitz and Steven Kravitz
Hirsh Kravitz
Laura and Stephen Kreitzer
Miriam and Steven Krieger
Cary and Robert Krug
Jonathan Kulakofsky
Dana and Jason Kunzman
Deborah Feinstein and Steve Kuperberg
Ann and Bruce Lane
Rachel and Scott Lanman
Rebecca Larrison
Lenore and Rabbi Jonah Layman
Rabbi Claudia Kreiman and Rabbi Ebn Leader
Stewart and Shari Lecker
Judith and David Lentz
Karen and Edward Leventhal
Howard Levine and Eric Levine
Marjorie and Jonathan Levine
Marci Galinkin and Stephen Levy
Fran Robins Liben and Rabbi Daniel Liben
Jamie and Bradley Lichtenstein
Shelley and Jon Lieberman
Andrea Lightman
Dina and Alan Lipschultz
Valerie and Chaim Lodish
Lauren and Ryan Lowe
Jessica and Jonathan Lubetsky
Yonat and Jason Lurie
April and Darren Mackoff
Paula and Albert Madansky
Maia and Dan Magder
Ruth and Jacob Malka
Rebecca Maltzman and Michael Maya
Sarah and Peter Mancoll
Dana Peters and Martin Manley
Barbara and Charles Mann
Sonia Castillo and Aaron Mannes
Liz Marcus
Rebecca Gale and Warren Margolies
Michelle Gavens and Brian Margolis
Dina and Sam Markind
Lauren and Zachary Marwil
Vanessa and Benjamin May
Reva Tankle and John McArthur
Karen and Robert Meister
Traci Reisner and Dan Merenstein
Merrick Jewish Centre, Merrick, NY
Alison and Ariel Meyerstein
Monica and David Michael
Rebecca and Kenneth Milgram
Ellen and Jonathan Miller
Andrea and Joshua Mills
Benjamin Mills
Gail Daumit and Ron Minsk
Yoni Mintz
Deborah and Edward Mitre
Jennifer and Michael Mittelman
Marilyn and William Monderer
Miriam Achtenberg and Michael Morse
David Moses
Leora Lipton Mostoff and Michael Mostoff
Samantha and Joshua Neudel
Sheryl and Todd Neufeld
Suzanne Neusner
Betsy and Daniel New-Schneider
Dena Springer and David Novick
David Offit
Joanne and Tim Oppenheimer
Lisabeth and Michael Oxman
Sheila and Rabbi Michael Panitz
Adam Panken
Barbara and Peter Paris
Ivy and Avinoam Patt
Gili and Uriel Pavlov
Jessica Pearlman
Cantor Paula and Rabbi Andrew Pepperstone
Debbie and Alex Perry
Jill Goldenziel Goldenpine and Michael Pine Goldenpine
William Planer
Edward Pletman
Elizabeth Fiedler and Gabriel Podair
Dari and Jonathan Pogach
Sharon Pollack
Sally Michael and Eric Pomerantz
Mark Posin
Marci and Adam Possner
Whitney Connaughton and Aaron Pressman
Andrew Prince
Norma and Marvin Prince
Marissa and Michael Privman
Roz Rachlin
Beth Reiter
Tamar Remz
Rebecca and Jim Resig
Sara and Brad Resnick
Keren and Nicholas Rhodes
Laura and Daniel Ripin
Leah and Jonathan Robins
Judith Rosenbaum and Rabbi Or Rose
Rabbi Ariella Rosen
Nancy and Rabbi James Rosen
Linda and Barry Rosenberg
Arielle and Jacob Roth
Eric Rothstein
Rebecca Behrmann and Joshua Rubin
Jodi and Michael Rubin
Suzanne and Joe Rubinstein
Arielle Russell
Rabbi Susan Tendler and Ross Sadoff
Rachel Barbanel-Fried and Andrew Salama
Alicia and Barak Salmoni
Adina and Stan Salomon
Debbie and Ronald Sann
Judith and David Satlof
Lieba and Daniel Savitt
Elana and Jonathan Schanzer
Natalie Kingsbury and Rick Scharr
Amy and Jeffrey Scherr
Karen and Philip Schlossberg
Amy Rosenstein and Phillip Schreibman
Lori Schuldiner Schor and Joshua Schor
Alexis and Aaron Schwartz
Elizabeth Stoll and David Schwartz
Elissa Schwartz and Jason Schwartz
Kathy and Justin Schwartz
Mari and Jared Schwartzer
Nani and Maon Segal
Randi and Edward Shakin
Robin and Dan Shapiro
Deena and Douglas Shefsky
Jodi Sherman
Penny and Mitchell Shore
Rachel and Adam Siegel
Gabrielle and Benjamin Sigel
Laura and Reuben Silberman
Paula Correa-Silver and Jonathan Silver
Sheila Silverman
Tami and Michael Simon
Alexandra and Benjamin Simon
Hannah Simons
Amy Bleich and Naaman Simpson
Rebecca Katsh-Singer and Jordan Singer
Deborah and Scott Sinrich
Sisterhood of Congregation Mishkan Tefila, Brookline, MA
Reena and Saul Slovin
Ellen and Jeffrey Smith
Yifat Hollander Sobel and Raviv Sobel
Rabbi Kerrith Solomon
Deena Kobell and David Sorensen
Beth and Samuel Spector
Rachael Besser and Rabbi Rafi Spitzer
Ellen and Paul Sprinsky
Linda and Bruce Stanger
Amanda Ruppenthal Stein and Hazzan Jeremy Stein
Kerry Dunne and Adam Steiner
Sara Danitz and Noah Steinhardt
Nina and Alan Stoll
Alana and Leon Suskin
Temple Israel, Norfolk, VA
Temple Israel, Sharon, MA
Rachelle and Ari Tannenbaum
Ruth and Jon Tepper
Abby Zanger and Roy Tishler
Roselyn Garber Toledano
Tabitha May-Tolub and Josh Tolub
Robyn and Jeff Toppall
Kara and Benjamin Traster
Arin Tritt
Amy Cohn and Rabbi Gordon Tucker
Karen and Alan Tuvin
Toby Unger and Eric Weinstock
Karen and Marck Vaisman
Sharon Light and Gideon Van Emden
Rachel and Robert Vigderman
Dana Vizner
Ayelet Wachs Cashman
Yonina Hoffman-Wanderer and Jeremy Wanderer
Ruth and Barry Warren
Rachel Robboy and Jeremie Waterman
Yvonne and Mark Waynik
Randi Weingarten
Ivy and Josh Weingram
Judy and Alan Weiss
Carol and Marc Weitzman
Rebecca Boggs and Michael Wenthe
Elianna Yolkut and Stephanie Wethington
Riki and Rabbi Jeremy Wiederhorn
Sonya and Sean Wilder
David Winik
Allison and Chagai Winoker
Reva and Peter Winston
Claire and David Winthrop
Sara Willen and Sebastian Wogenstein
Marisa Wohl
Ofer Eyal-Yahalom and Raphael Yahalom
Ali and Ari Yares
Joie Jager-Hyman and Josh Zizmor
Avi Zollman
Rachel and Leeor Zorel
Ariel Zwang

* denotes current or former Ramah Day Camp Greater DC family and staff