Songs & Media

Do your campers have our shirim (songs) stuck in their heads and our rikudim (dances) fixed on their feet? You can keep the Ramah spirit going all year long with this Camp Ramah play list!

Want to learn or practice some of our favorite Rikud numbers?

Learn the steps to 'Hinei Mah Tov' with Abby

'Hinei Mah Tov' dance

Learn the steps to 'Joongel' with Abby

'Joongel' dance

Learn the steps to 'LeOlam Be'Ikvot HaShemesh' (the Penguin Dance) with Abby

'LeOlam Be'Ikvot HaShemesh' dance, (otherwise known as the Penguin dance)

Click below to listen to the music for additional favorite Rikud pieces:

LeOlam Be'Ikvot Hashemesh, affectionately known as the Penguin Dance (Sherry)
Ramah DC 2017 Mashup (Matan Schecter)

File coming soon


Al Kein (Noam Katz)

Song temporarily unavailable

Shir Ramah

Song temporarily unavailable

Ufaratzta (Noam Katz)

Song temporarily unavailable