Camp Contact


  • Need to speak to us about your camper? (no problem!)
  • Did your camper forget his/her lunch on the kitchen table? (don’t worry, happens to us all the time.)
  • Do you miss your children already? (we don’t blame you, they’re awesome!)
  • Want to ask the meaning of the Hebrew words your child uses after camp? (we love when that happens.)
  • Have a concern about our program? (we are always improving.)
  • Or anything else you want to talk to us about, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Important phone numbers, addresses, and emails

Camp Office: 301-500-8251,

Camp Director, Rabbi Jill Levy: ext. 101,
Assistant Director, Sharon Rosenberg Safra: ext. 102,
Registrar & Operations Coordinator, Lisa Zelermyer: ext. 103,
Tikvah Director, Mira Tash: ext. 105,
*Sha’ar Hebrew Immersion Program Coordinator, Aviva Gershman: ext. 201,
*Transportation Coordinator, Faye Gold: ext. 203,
*Swim Coordinator, Joey Zorn:

*Camp Nurse: ext. 202,
*Yoetz/et Shorashim (K parent liaison): ext. 301,
*Yoetz/et Anafim (grade 1 parent liaison): ext 302,
*Yoetz/et Garinim (grade 2 parent liaison): ext. 303,
*Yoetz/et Etzim (grade 3 parent liaison): ext. 304,
*Yoetz/et Nitzanim (grades 4 -6 parent liaison): ext. 305,

* These email addresses are only active during the camp season.  Please contact Sharon if you have program or camper care questions prior to or after the summer. 

Finance Associate, Ken Milgram: ext. 104,

Wellspring Conference Center
11411 Neelsville Church Rd.
Germantown, MD 20876