Campanion App

We’re always looking for ways to bring our parents closer to their camper’s experience, and this summer we’re excited to use a new app called Campanion to do just that. All three Ramah New England camps will be using this app!

Below you will find more information on how to download the app and how it will be used this summer.  If you need assistance, please contact Zach Krausman, Registrar & Operations Coordinator.

Q: How can I download the Campanion App?

A: You can find the Campanion App on the app store on your phone. Download the app here via the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Q: What should I do after downloading the Campanion App?

A: Use your CampInTouch Account email address and password to log in. You’ll see the app is automatically connected to your CampMinder account.

Upload a “training photo” of your child, which activates facial recognition and enables the app to send you photos of your camper over the summer.

Ensure you have push notification enabled within your phone settings, so you can receive important updates from camp all year long!

Q: How can I complete camp forms on the app?

A: You’ll see an option in the app menu for “forms.” Select that, and you’ll be able to access all the required camp forms for your children. You can complete forms online and upload completed forms right in the app.

Q: Why should I enable push notifications on the app?

A: We ask our families to please ensure you have push notification enabled on your phone settings, so you can receive important updates from us. We will only use push notifications to share time-sensitive updates.  Day camp families will receive text and push notifications with bus transportation and program updates.

Q: How does facial recognition on the app work?

A: You can choose to opt-in to facial recognition on the app, which will enable the app to send you photos of your child(ren) directly!

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see an option to upload a training photo of your child. This “face finder” enables the app to identify your camper(s) and send you notifications whenever they appear in camp photos. The app will sift through the thousands of photos we post to create a personalized collection of your child(ren)’s camp moments. And you will still be able to access the full photo galleries we post, of course!

Q: Does this mean RDC is not using MyCamp App anymore?

A: Correct. We are replacing it with the CampMinder app. You will get all the same great functionality of MyCamp App PLUS the ability to upload your forms AND use facial recognition for photos.

Q: Does this mean Camp Ramah New England (our overnight sister camp) is not using SmugMug anymore?

A: Correct. All three camps will now be posting all of our photos through CampMinder.

Q: Can I download or share camp photos from the app?

A: Yes! The app will make it easy to share or download photos directly to your phone or device.

Q: What is the “stream”?

A: The Campanion app’s content “stream” brings together all the content and updates that are important to you! By selecting the “stream” option in the app menu, you’ll be able to join in your child’s journey at camp and see tagged photos of your camper, access all the camp’s photo galleries, and quick “micro-post” updates from camp!

Q: Can I still see photos and complete forms on a desktop computer?

A: Of course! You can still log-into CampMinder from any computer or device to view our photo galleries, access your account and submit forms, etc.