Daily Program

At Ramah, we believe in a well-rounded camp program, exposing our campers to sports, arts, and outdoor education. We also know that some campers prefer a more specialized daily program. At Ramah, you can have it all! Each day allows our campers 3 chuggim (electives) with a wide range of options. Campers can fill their day with sports, or try a variety of different programs. In addition to our 3 daily chuggim electives, all of our campers receive swim instruction, learn Jewish and Israeli songs and dances, and acquire the very best in informal Jewish education, where our experienced yahadut educators infuse Jewish values and texts into everyday camp activities.

The camp day begins and ends at the bus stop, with programming built into the ride to and from camp. Each day is packed with excitement and discovery, leaving our campers happy and fulfilled.

Sample Schedule

Time Activity
9:00am Arrival & Welcome: rikud (dancing) and shira (singing)
9:20am Tefilah (prayer service)
9:50am Snack
10:25am Swimming
11:25am Shira / Rikud or Edah (Division) Activity
12:00pm Yahadut (Informal Jewish Educational Activity)
12:30pm Lunch
1:10pm chug (elective activity) #1
2:00pm chug (elective activity) #2
2:35pm Snack
3:00pm chug (elective activity) #3
4:00pm Pickup / Departure