Sha’ar – Hebrew Immersion Program

Sha’ar (S’fat Ivrit B’Ramah) is a Hebrew language immersion program at Ramah Day Camp of Greater Washington, DC.  Started at our sister camp, Ramah Nyack, and piloted here in DC in the summer of 2017, Sha’ar gives its participants an opportunity to gain proficiency in Hebrew as they participate in a myriad of activities—swim, sports, arts and crafts, and more.

Sha’ar campers are part of their edah (division) and participate in the same daily schedule, with few differences.  First, the madrichim (counselors) working with Sha’ar children speak only in Hebrew throughout the camp day.  The majority of the Sha’ar staff come from Israel, but several are American-born Hebrew speakers.  Second, during the edah’s Yahadut (Jewish learning) period, Sha’ar campers will participate in a special Hebrew activity.  These activities are hands-on and experiential, geared towards contextualizing the Hebrew they are hearing and speaking throughout the day. Additionally, while Sha’ar campers have three chugim (electives) along with their peers, one of these chugim will be all-Hebrew, and run by a Sha’ar madrich/a. They will be running, playing, swimming, singing, and laughing along with their edah, just in Hebrew!


Information about Kayitz 2022 will be posted shortly. Below is information for Kayitz 2021 which may be helpful to you in the meantime.

Planning for Kayitz 2021 & COVID-related Updates:

We are launching enrollment and planning for a Sha’ar Hebrew immersion program with the intention of being able to operate safely and at near-full capacity.  We know that we will likely need to adjust our protocols and programming to ensure the safest summer possible.  Should we be unable to proceed with Sha’ar, families will have the option to continue in our general camp program (with a Sha’ar fee refund), or to withdraw completely from camp (with a full refund).

For additional COVID-specific information and updates, please click here.

Sha’ar Dates & Fees for 2021:

Spaces in Sha’ar are limited.  In order to get the most from this immersive Hebrew experience, our younger campers must attend for the full camp season.  A Sha’ar program fee (in addition to normal registration fees) covers some of the added staff and programming expenses.  Please see below for the dates and program fees for the different edot (age groups):

Grade of Camper Sha'ar Program Dates Length of Sha'ar Program Sha'ar Program Fee
Campers currently in Pre-K (PK4), Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades Monday, June 28 – Friday, August 13 7 Weeks $275
Campers currently in 3rd & 4th grades* Monday, June 28 – Friday, July 23* 4 Weeks* $160

* – Campers in 3rd & 4th grades are welcome to stay with us for the full seven week summer, but Sha’ar will only be offered for the first four weeks.

Please call our office or contact Assistant Director Sharon Rosenberg Safra with questions.