Arts & Cooking



Creative Arts

Our omanut (art) specialists bring a rich background in Jewish and secular art. In addition to making classic Judaic art like clay hamsas and mezuzot, our campers also learn to replicate the pop art style of Andy Warhol, for example, adding in their own personal or Jewish flair. Here are some highlights from our omanut department:

  • Jewelry-making
  • Clay sculpture
  • Candle-making
  • Mosaics
  • Melted Beads
  • Water-color painting
  • Weaving, Sewing and Needlepoint
  • Wood burning
  • Glass Painting
  • Wax Sculpting



Performing Arts

Singing and dancing are a part of Ramah culture. Our day begins with Israeli dancing on our beautiful migrash (field), and our Rosh Shira (music specialist) teaches Hebrew music and Ramah classics to each of our edot (divisions) as part of their Zman Migvan (group activity) rotation each session.

Campers with particular interest in performing arts can elect to take a drama, rikud (dance), and/or music chug (elective) in the afternoon as well.

In a typical summer, one highlight is our “Zimkudiyah” – our song and dance performance.  See more details below!


Bishul (Cooking)

One of our most popular electives is our bishul (cooking) chug. Campers learn about healthy, safe, and kosher cooking by rolling up their sleeves in the kitchen. Our campers learn proper cutting technique by making salads, and moving proportions by baking chocolaty treats. Taste tests are always part of the process!


An annual highlight of our kayitz is the “Zimkudiyah,” our song and dance program.  (Zimkudiyah is a Ramah-term made up from the Hebrew words Zimriyah – song festival – and Rikudiyah – dance festival.)  This performance takes place one evening each summer and includes a short musical performance from each edah. The celebratory evening is a special event for families to come together, and experience the magic and joy of Ramah Day Camp!